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  • What is Jahangir Tutorials?

    Jahangir Tutorials is an online e-learning platform offering exclusive courses for Company Secretary related learning. Jahangir Tutorial provided exclusive study and test materials for best preparation of students for CS Exams.

  • What all courses are covered in Jahangir Tutorials?

    Jahangir Tutorials covers courses for ALL 3 Level of CS Exams. CSEET, CS Executive and CS Profession. We also provide added learning material on Direct and Indirect Taxation and Corporate Laws.

  • What all is included in a Course Fee?

    Each Jahangir Tutorial course is created, owned and managed by inhouse Mentor(s). The foundation of each course are its lectures, which include videos, PDF, slides, and other course material. In addition, instructors also add resources and various types of practice activities, as a way to enhance the learning experience of students. The details for each course are highlighted on the course page above purchase option such as no. of video lessons, additional learning resources available, no. of views for each course.

  • Is Jahangir Tutorials and accredited institution?

    While Jahangir Tutorials is not an accredited institution, we offer courses as per the syllabus of CS exams and help students prepare for exams as well as real world challenges. Our faculty / mentors are CS Professionals with over 20 years of collective experience and have been mentors at ICSI.

  • Is there any way to preview a course?

    Yes! Once you click on a course, we provide one Introduction video as free for students to get an overview of the course and mentor.

  • How can I pay for a course?

    To add convenience to Students to purchase and enroll for these courses, we have digital payments such as Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, UPI and Wallets to transact. You may choose your convenient mode of payment to transaction securely online.

  • What if I don’t like a course I purchased?

    At Jahangir Tutorials, we offer one free introduction video of the subject for students to understand overview of the course as well as get familiar to the mentor’s teaching style. Once you have purchased a course, we will accept partial or full refund for the transaction as per our policy.

  • Do I have life time access to the course material that I have purchased?

    As the course tenure is limited till your appearance for the exams. Hence, the videos for each course is available for 3 view only. Once you have completely viewed the course thrice, the system will limit access to the purchased course.

  • Where can I go for help incase of any query?

    For queries related to transaction, we have added relevant queries in our FAQ section. Incase any query over and above, you may drop an email to us on [email protected] or call us on 91 97692 97903 between 10am to 6pm from Monday to Saturday.

  • How to sign up to create and account?

    You may click on the LOGIN button on the extreme top right of the web page and either use Google login or enter your email to sign up and create and account. Ensure you have read our terms and condition and privacy page before signing up. Also, we will send an OTP to your coordinates to verify, once your have verified the same your account creation process is successfully complete.

  • What all can I access post login?

    Post login, you can bookmark your preferred choice of courses to review. Under “MY ACCOUNT”, you can access all of your purchases courses and also access your purchase invoices.

  • Is it safe to enter Payment details online?

    Jahangir Tutorials never stores your credit / debit card, Netbankin, UPI or Wallet information in our systems. Instead, we work with payment gateway processors who are certified under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and thus are extremely safe and secure to transact online with highest level of data encryption.

  • How to Solve Payment Failure related issues?

    1. We have tied up with 3rd party payment aggregators who have best technology and success rate for transaction completion. Usually the transaction failures are due to delayed response from the bank to the payment gateway resulting to failed transactions. However, need not worry if the money is deducted in the scenario as banks and payment gateways do have an auto reconciliation process that runs at the end of the day and basis verification, the amount will be reversed back to your account.
    2. In case of credit card payment failures, please check for your credit limit once to ensure that’s not resulting to failures.
    3. Incase of UPI payments, at times the failure are resulting to bandwith issues between bank, UPI service and the payment gateway. During such an issue, please try again after 30 mins.
    4. Incase of double payment or anything else, please drop an email to us on [email protected] and we shall revert back to you within 24 working hours.
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